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'Konzl' viewing platform

Mountain and valley views MOUNTAIN AND VALLEY VIEWS

High above the valleys characterised by apple orchards, on gentle vineyard slopes, is 'Konzl' viewing platform. This platform affords unencumbered views, from the Salurn Gorge, the most southerly point of South Tyrol, to Mitterberg, 20 kilometres away, brushing over the roofs of old farms, noble country houses and the odd church tower to land suddenly on the rugged mountain slopes opposite. These striking silhouettes remind us that we are in the mountains. The cypresses, olive trees, palms and wine ripening on the slopes would seem to make us forget this fact sometimes. Landscape takes on an intensive variety where the north ends and the south begins.


Air carrying the scent of mountain herbs, sun beaming down the warmth of the south. 'Konzl' viewing platform offers its wooden terrace to the sun on a plate. During a generous breakfast beneath blue skies, the eyes are drawn to everything that Tramin and surroundings has in store. And in the evening, when the sun slowly sets behind the mountains, the offerings of the soil are there to be sampled: wine, giving you a taste of the south.



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