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Wellness at Panorama

If you appreciate a swim after a walk or cycling trip, or just relaxing your muscles in the warmth of the sauna...

If you want to spend a few moments or even all day away from busy bathing lakes and water parks relaxing by the pool and drinking in the views from Tramin's 'royal box'...then Panorama Hotel is the place for you!

An attractive heated swimming pool awaits you from March to November in our Mediterranean garden. The sun-warmed wooden decking around the pool is great for lounging around on and the shrubs and trees in the garden afford cooling shade. And should you want a break from this, a refreshing dip is in order!

Good things come in small packages: you can sweat and relax in the peace and quiet of the Finnish garden sauna. The panorama window will direct your gaze and thoughts towards the outside, to the garden and mountainous landscape: What delights will the next day bring? You may have exclusive access to the sauna by the hour for contemplative and secluded sweating alone or in company.

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