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Events in Tramin and surroundings


In Tramin on the South Tyrol Wine Road, where the fine juice of the grape still shapes on the local lifestyle, wine is skilfully made the centrepiece of some culinary events. The native Gewürztraminer variety is the star of occasions such as the Gewürztraminer Hiking Day and the Gewürztraminer Wine Road. The village's main theme of wine is at the core of the Traminer Weingassl, or 'Wine Alley' event, or the autumn vineyard tours. In spring and autumn, the Traminer Sinnesfreuden, or 'Tramin Sensual Pleasures', takes place as if to both usher in and bid farewell to the warmer months of the year.


The famous Tramin Egetmann carnival procession, taking place on Mardi Gras in odd years, is the scene of less sophisticated behaviour. Those wishing to see the village from its wilder and more exuberant side can stand at the side of the road along with hundreds of other spectators to watch the snapping 'Wudelen' puppets, the washerwomen, the mad bakers, smiths, pot menders, and other bizarre figures - part gruesome, part impressive – wreaking havoc.

The Cellar Night, the Pasta Festival, the Music Festival, the Dumpling Festival – there's more than just a whiff of the Mediterranean in Tramin's countryside: the villagers are a charismatic lot and know how to let their hair down. You can find out more about current cultural, traditional or culinary events at the Tourist Board in the village, at Panorama Hotel, or here.


In our own small way we would like our guests to get a taste of our lifestyle, our daily routine, our surroundings and our culture. Guided tours take place regularly and may be booked at reception. Most of all though, we enjoy accompanying our guests around our vineyards and explaining things there and then, such as how we make our house wine. This wine may be tasted in the wine cellar afterwards.


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