Where the north ends and the south begins


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Tramin on the South Tyrol Wine Road


The South Tyrol Wine Road forms an elegant arc around the lake at Kaltern, which not only has the green vineyards and the blue sky reflected in its waters, but also the proud ruins of the Leuchtenburg. The apple trees on the right soon give way to hillsides covered with ripening grapes. And in the midst of this, on a slope that gradually rises up towards steep rocks, is Tramin. Vineyards, cypresses, oleander – where the north meets the south there are mountain views to contrast with the Mediterranean appearance of the countryside.

Yet it's not just the landscape that has a touch of the south about it. The people of Tramin are a vivacious lot and know how to let their hair down. Whether in elegant style at wine tasting sessions, culinary or cultural events, or rough and ready as in the traditional Egetmann procession at carnival time – wine always plays a part. After all, it has always left its mark on life here, as may be seen in the architecturally striking Traminer Kellerei, the large number of wine bars and the famous wine-growing estates with their lovely country houses. Extensive spaces, narrow alleyways and hidden corners – the village is just waiting to be discovered – in fact, the whole of the surrounding area is, too!

2,113-metre-high Monte Roen calls on hikers to tie their boot laces, the Wine Road tempts racing cyclists with its gently winding tarmac, the wooded slopes of Trudner Horn hiking region are just waiting to be explored, the Weißhorn and Schwarzhorn mountains peep upwards and promise adventurous mountain bike trails. Swimming, doing a 'via ferrata', going for a walk, strolling around the capital of Bozen-Bolzano – the south of South Tyrol is best discovered in active mode.

Wherever wine is grown, there's more than enough indulgence to go round. The native Gewürztraminer grape embodies the taste of the sun and is aromatic, mellow and particularly structured. Like wine, like village.



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