The Panorama

Authentic ambience with accents, lots of panoramic views and rural guest culture

Vineyards, historic mansions, palm trees and cypresses. Surrounded by so much beauty, we also focus on sensitively chosen details in the house. We have set accents from the rooms, to the apartments, to the gardens. Sometimes striking, sometimes playful. Designed to feel the southern attitude to life indoors too.

From the oak barrel that becomes a bar table to the furniture made from local larch wood, to the pergola apartments that reflect the theme of wine and vines, the ambience is inspired by the local farming culture.

The transition between inside and outside is fluid, so you can enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. The balcony terraces are simply breathtaking, offering a magnificent view of the valley and mountains. The viewing platform, called Konzl, is a real highlight, with a sun terrace that almost seems to float above the slope. The well-kept garden around the house is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoor swimming pool. Or, if you're looking for a truly indulgent experience, you can seek the warmth of the Finnish garden sauna, where you can sweat away the stress with a view of the mountains.

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Hosts with farming roots

Our family has been growing wine and fruit for generations, and we're still passionate about producing some of our own products. From apple juice to herbal syrups to our red and white wines, we're delighted to offer these specialties for tasting and for sale. If you're interested in learning more about our agriculture, we'd love to invite you on a guided vineyard tour. You'll gain a deeper understanding of wine growing and have the chance to taste our four typical house wines that mature in our Tramin locations: Vernatsch, Lagrein, Pinot Blanc and Gewürztraminer.

Made with love and skill

Andrea makes delicious syrup from fresh garden herbs and sweet juice from the autumn apple harvest. All of our products are made with love and taste of nature, of the south. Come and try them for yourself! You can enjoy our homemade products at the pampering breakfast buffet or at the guest bar. Do you want to stock up on a small supply of treats for your home? Our own products are available for purchase in our small Panorama shop.