The Panorama platform Konzl“

Your box seat in the south of South Tyrol

From the top of the Konzl panoramic platform, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the South Tyrolean lowlands, which are characterised by apple trees and vineyards. The gently rolling vineyards are a bright green and fit harmoniously into the hilly surroundings of the South Tyrolean Wine Route. Beyond the vines, you can see impressive mountain ranges, including the majestic peaks of the Dolomites. The scenery is a great mix of Mediterranean and Alpine influences.

The valley, where wine, olive trees and cypresses thrive, merges with generous forests, wide alpine meadows and rugged rocks that rise into the sky. The valley and mountain interact to create a breathtaking and diverse landscape that offers peace and adventure. The panorama from the “Konzl” extends all the way to the Salurner Klause.

This historically significant place is linked to the history of South Tyrol and marks the border between the German-speaking and Italian-speaking parts of the region. It is located at the narrowest point of the Adige Valley, where the rock faces rise steeply on both sides and almost seem to narrow the largest river in South Tyrol, the Adige. Above it, you'll find the ruins of the castle Haderburg, which houses a castle tavern and can be reached via a footpath. It sits on a rocky outcrop.

The natural and farming landscape is reflected in the beautiful green of the well-kept orchards and vineyards. You'll love the magnificent roofs of old farms, noble mansions and church towers.

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